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  • About us

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    QuantumTrust is a global provider of trust and fund services. We have the expertise and a wealth of cross-disciplinary experience to help you achieve your goals in relation to wealth management and asset protection.


    Our professional service team includes trust and corporate finance legal counsels, bankers and family office consultants with years of experience. We consider your trust establishment needs holistically, provide tailor-made solutions for each client and offer one-stop solutions to all subsequent compliance issues.

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    One-Stop Solutions

    As a one-stop solution provider, we offer one-stop solutions, from trust set-up, tax reporting to asset management. It can save time and effort by eliminating the need to engage multiple providers for different services.


    It can also provide you a more comprehensive and integrated approach to trust and asset management, ensuring that all aspects of the trust are handled by QuantumTrust with a deep understanding of your needs and goals. This can lead to more efficient and effective management of the trust and its assets.

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    Focus on Compliance

    QuantumTrust places a strong emphasis on compliance with relevant laws and regulations. This includes compliance with local laws and regulations in the jurisdictions where it operates, as well as international regulations such as the Common Reporting Standard and Anti-Money Laundering requirements.


    QuantumTrust has a dedicated compliance team that stays up-to-date with regulatory developments and ensures that its services are compliant with all relevant regulations.

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    Tailor-Made Solutions

    QuantumTrust is a trusted provider of tailor-made solutions for clients who require customized trust and corporate services.


    These solutions are designed to meet the unique needs and objectives of each client, and can include a range of services and expertise to achieve their goals. We work closely with clients to understand their specific requirements and provide personalized service to ensure that their trust and corporate structures are tailored to meet their needs.

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    Commitment to Excellent Client Service

    We focus on delivering high-quality services. QuantumTrust prides itself on being responsive, proactive, and committed to building strong relationships with its clients. We are actively engaged and remain on hand to provide assistance and support trust establishment and day-to-day trust administration.

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